Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Little Fox, Archaeologist

Sandy, Sequoia and I are hanging out near the outskirts of the dangerous "wicker district" waiting for a special meeting with the operative.  Sequoia is running security and I have instructed him to stay behind the scenes. 
Waiting. The operative told us to be here at 5pm with our archaeology gear. 
Poof, out of the shadows comes the operative. 
Apparently, he has the line of an old golden key chain that could be beary valuable to the museum.  Seems it has been lost and they need an expert to help find the golden key chain. 
Once the mission was deliver the operative sneaked back into the shadows.
Sandy and I set out on our hike to find the key chain. 
We both caught our breath at the last seen site of the Golden Key Chain.  
Sandy climbed up and around and spotted something near the end. 
Sandy: Little Fox, do you think that could be it?
Little Fox: Be careful, it could be a trap. 
I can't believe it but Sandy found the Golden Key Chain.  Sandy looks beary happy in this picture doesn't he?
Looks like the operative found us as well. 
Sandy: Hello, Operative as you can see we have found the Golden Key Chain.
Operative (rubbing his paws in an evil fashion): Yesssssssssssss, the Golden Key Chain.  I will be sure it makes it to the museum and is placed in safe hands. 
Good thing Sandy was on hand to help me find the Golden Key Chain, another precious item found and returned to the museum.  


  1. I'm not sure about this Operative of yours. He seems a little...shady? Be cautious.

    1. You are smart to be weary of the operative, he spends most of his time in the shadows.

  2. I agree with Droopy. Did you guys review his credentials? Does he belong to the Association of Museum Archivists??

    1. Credentials? No, he told me that he lost them somewhere in the dark alleys of the wicker district. He said his membership to the Association of Museum Archivists is.....pending, whatever that means.

  3. This operative fellow sounds a little sketchy. Are you sure you can trust him?