Sunday, February 19, 2017

Road Trip

Sandy has been a great guest and I feel like I should treat him to a truly American adventure, that's right readers we are going on a road trip.
Little Fox:  Sandy, get your puffy green jacket we are taking a road trip.
Sandy: Yes!

Our first stop is to Multnomah Falls.   Multnomah falls is over 620 feet long and because of the recent rain it's flowing well.
Little Fox: It's a little misty near the falls but totally worth it.
Sandy:  Is that a bridge near the falls?  Can we go?
Little Fox: An adventure?  You bet, that's my middle name, let's go.
Sandy: Looks like the trail is closed.  Guess I will have to come back to Portland in the Summer to visit the trail.  Mama, did you get the hint?
Little Fox: Beary subtle hint Sandy, beary subtle indeed.
Multnomah Falls is a very popular attraction.  It used to be the most popular attraction in Oregon until they opened a casino about 20 years ago.  Now, Multnomah Falls is the number two attraction.
Sandy: An old lodge.  I hear they have good breakfasts there? 
Little Fox: They do have a good breakfast but no views of the falls. 
Sandy: Little Fox and I waited by this clear stream.  In the background is a train trestle and we are hoping one is going to speed by so we can get a picture of us with the train to send to Jerry and Ben. 
Little Fox: Sandy, we could wait here for a long time.  Let's see if we can find a train picture elsewhere for J & B.  I know a great place to explore. 
Little Fox: Sandy, welcome to Hood River, windsurfing capital of Oregon.
Sandy: I don't think anyone is wind surfing today.
Little Fox: Let's explore.
Little Fox: There is still snow on the ground in Hood River.  This park behind the library looks beary peaceful.
Sandy: Is that downtown?
Little Fox: Sandy, do you want some hot chocolate? There isn't a Starbucks in this part of town but lots of little independent coffee shops.
Sandy: Did you say hot chocolate? I am in.
Little Fox: As you can see Sandy got a big size of hot chocolate to fortify himself from the cold.  He is enjoying the sun and the warmth of the cocoa.  

Little Fox: Time for a rest.  This chair is perfect for Sandy and I.


  1. Mama: Wow - beautiful! I was there a few years ago (1989)... Great that Sandy got to see it too! Although... he is getting a bit spoiled down there I think. And there is lots of gardening to do up here...

    1. Sandy: Mama you get started pulling the weeds and getting the garden ready. I will supervise the plant purchasing, planting, and consumption of the vegetables when I get back.

    2. Sandy: PS, Mama did you get the hint about coming down in the summer? Hint, hint.

  2. What a wonderful adventure! The new blog header looks wonderful! Our snow is all gone! It was 60 degrees here on Sat. (April weather in Feb.)

  3. Thanks. I am glad that you two are warming up. Enjoy the warm weather. Is Karl Ok in this 60 degree weather?

  4. It looks like you have some GREAT snow hills there--it would be a great place to try out the Honey Flyer 2.

  5. You look a little... toppled over in the 7th photo? Are you feeling quite well? Did you have too much to drink?

    1. Perhaps a little too much or it was windy.