Saturday, February 11, 2017

Handy Sandy

Hello Blog Pals ~ Little Fox here updating you on our newest activity with my special guest, Sandy.  Droopy asked about an episode of "Handy Sandy" recently on Sandy's blog and it got me thinking.  You know, I have some unfinished projects around the house that maybe Sandy could help me with.

The first project around the house is fixing the screen door.  The screen fell off recently and hasn't been fixed yet.
Sandy: Yup, Little Fox you are missing a screen here.
Little Fox: Umm, thanks. Sandy but I kind of knew that already.
Sandy: Let me get a better look at the old screen and see if it's salvageable.  OK, it looks like I will need to replace the wheels, is there a Home Depot nearby?

Little Fox: Are you sure it's just the wheels?
Sandy: Little Fox, come over here.  You see from this angle you can tell for sure that it's the wheels that need to be replaced.
Little Fox: Ah, yes from this angle it is the wheels.
The next project Handy Sandy worked on was the leaning bookcase in the garage.
Sandy: My goodness, this bookcase is leaning toward the car.  I can help you fix that.  Little Fox, it seems that this case has lots of beer stacked on it, if we drank some of the beer then it would probably lean a lot less.  Thoughts?

Sandy: Let me come up here to your level.  Little Fox, trust me, I am a very handy bear and to fix this bookcase we need to drink that beer.  
Little Fox: Hmm, this is an interesting twist, perhaps Sandy has been spending time with Drunk Fox?
Little Fox: To get Sandy off his beer rant I thought it best that I make a light lunch for us. Let's see, what do we have?  
Sandy: I like your plate Little Fox.
Little Fox: **Rumble, Rumble, Rumble** Ah yes, I found some food that Handy Sandy and  I can enjoy.  Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and waffles.  I hope this is enough food for our lunch?
Little Fox: Sorry for all the empty calories Sandy.  I can get some carrot sticks and red pepper strips if you prefer?
Sandy: Mmmmmm, this lunch is perfect!


  1. Mama: Good job Handy Sandy. Although... not sure about the beer drinking solution? And a few brownies could make their way up here... if you have room!

    1. Mama, the beer drinking solution is beary valid. I read it on the Internet, so you know it's true.

    2. Ohhhh...kaaaayyyy... Must give that a try up here then!

  2. Wasn't aware that beer drinking has a place in cabinetry and woodworking. I agree, Drunk Fox may have gotten involved....

  3. Jerry says "are you sure you don't need help finishing those baked treats? I could be over in 15 minutes."

    1. 15 minutes, OK come on over. Bring Ben too.

    2. Mama: I do believe Sandy has first dibs on those treats and they are going to come up north with him... you know, in-flight snacks and all that.