Monday, February 27, 2017

A proper adventure, part 2.0

Little Fox: Sandy and I are waiting to see the famous woodsmen from the midwest.  We decided to wait and saw these 4 blue "hooves" lying around. I wonder if they are related to whom we are about to see?
Little Fox: The district of Historic Kenton has a 31 foot tall statue of Paul and four blue hooves for Babe the Ox. 
Sandy: Paul is pretty tall, although it seems he could use a new coat of paint.
Little Fox: Yes, Sandy he was last spruced up in 1999 and he has been around town since 1959.  Paul was built along the main road into town before the interstate arrived.   According to the internet, the style of architecture for this statue is considered "Novelty".
Little Fox: Sandy, are you ready for lunch, I know a great brew pub?
Sandy: Brew Pub? You bet I'm in.
Sandy: Mama, look I am drinking water. I noticed you have been commenting that I have been drinking too much beer but I wanted to show you I have been good and drinking water too. 
Little Fox: Good thing we drank all of this water since splitting a rueben sandwich is probably beary unhealthy (but tasty) for a little bear and a little fox. 
Little Fox: Now that we are fortified up with some good food it's time to take Sandy to a place that is brand new to me as well.  The Oregon Railway Heritage Center. 
Sandy: Wow, this train simulator is beary authentic
Little Fox: The volunteers were great.  Even though the signs said keep off they let us stuffies take pictures on the trains. 
Little Fox: These trains are sure big up close.
Sandy taking a turn in the engineer's chair.  He looks good in the conductor's seat, doesn't he?
Little Fox: Let's go outside and see what's out there.  
Sandy: Mama, do you see us in this picture?
Sandy: Mama do you see us here? 
Little Fox: Wasn't the rail heritage center cool?  Let's see what else is around here.  I hear there is a special bridge nearby.
Sandy: What is so special about this bridge?
Little Fox: Glad you asked Sandy.  Tillikum Crossing (bridge of the people) carries light rail trains, city busses, bikes, pedestrians, and street cars but no  automobile traffic is allowed.  Tillikum Crossing, crosses with Willamette river and is the first major bridge built in the area since 1973 and the first bridge in the US dedicated all modes of transportation except personal vehicles. 
Sandy: Can we get closer?
Little Fox: What a great view!
Sandy: I agree.
Little Fox: Thanks Sandy for coming out with me today on our adventure.  I hope you had a good time, where do you want to go next?


  1. Replies
    1. We thought you two might like the train museum. Too bad there wasn't a bakery nearby?

  2. A train-themed bakery, now that would be cool!

    1. That would be cool, especially if it was on a train!!!!!