Wednesday, February 1, 2017

An outing to the beach.

Sequoia and I love the beach and we hope that Sandy will enjoy a day's outing to the beach as well. Today, we are off to the Northern Oregon Coast near the location where the Pacific meets the Columbia river.  I have our parking pass so let's go. 
Right off of the parking lot is the Peter Iredale (or what's left of it).  The Peter Iredale was aiming for the Columbia River but in 1906 it ran ground about 4 miles south.  Due to high tide Sandy and I can't get much further without getting wet. Just in case you didn't know salt water is NOT good for a stuffies fur.
The locals have embraced the wreck of the Peter Iredale (the most accessible shipwreck in the graveyard of the Pacific, thank you Wikipedia).  In the small town near the wreck there is an Iredale street and a place Drunk Fox might have visited had he joined us called the Iredale Inn.  We didn't go to the Iredale in but to the restaurant across the street for fish and chips and they had fresh baked cookies for $.25 a cookie. 
Enough talk about cookies (sorry Jerry). We continued walking along the beach and it was pretty busy for a day in January. 
Cool driftwood
More driftwood
Don't fall in.
Off to another section of the park for a little military history. See you next time. 


  1. We love the ocean (because we don't get to see it very often...speaking of which we need to downgrade our seKretary annual review). And, 25 cents per cookie? "Kan I hav that addrresss pleaze!" asks Jerry

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    2. Yes Jerry, we will get that address to you asap.

  2. 25 cents for a cookie? O_O
    They seem to be more like $3 each around here...