Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Road trip 2.0

Little Fox: Sandy and I are well rested and we have both been warmed up from the sun and cocoa.  Being that we are in the Columbia River Gorge we should check out the river.  The Columbia goes all the way up to Canada.  We are at a fishing dock but the salmon aren't running yet.
Little Fox: The river is really peaceful today.
Sandy: Is it always this calm?
Little Fox: No, just a lucky day for us. Perhaps we should get off this rock before we fall in.
Sandy: What is a treaty access fishing site?
Little Fox: Well, when the built The Dalles Dam in the 50s they dammed up a waterfall that the Native Americans used to fish salmon at.
Sandy: Salmon? You have my attention.
Little Fox: Well, so after the waterfall was covered up from the dam the Native American's got special treaty rights to fish in certain areas when the salmon come up.  Sometimes the Native American's sell there fish at roadside stands.  Hopefully we can find someone selling fish today.
Little Fox: Sandy, I know a place just up the hill from here with some great wine.  Do you want to see if they are open?
Sandy: I'm in.
Little Fox: Look at this bottle for Sandy and I.  This is going to be good.
Little Fox: Sandy and I need a little rest.  Probably should have not finished the entire bottle between us.
Little Fox: Well we slept through the salmon sale.  They didn't have any fresh salmon but my roommates bought some smoked salmon and Sandy and I are being super nice to see if we can get some later.  We did wake up to get a great view of the gorge.
Sandy: My green jacket goes well with the green of these trees.   

Little Fox: In the background you can see a place called the Vista House.  The Vista House was built as a rest stop along the route.  It's open in the summer.
Sandy: What a great view LF, you know someone should put a hotel here.
Little Fox: Funny that you mentioned that Sandy, when the Columbia Gorge highway was created there were all these rest stops along the way where a traveler could get a meal or spend the night. At our location here, there was an inn many years ago that burned down.
Sandy: Ah, that's too bad but what a great spot for an inn.
Little Fox: Yes, it was a good spot and the highway department took over the parking area and made it a nice rest stop.  
Sandy: What a great road trip, what is next Little Fox?